• 1-You HATE going there. -and I don’t mean the “oh I would rather stay in bed” feeling. I mean, “I dread everything about the place, the people, the work…EVERYTHING!!
  • 2-When leave you feel spent, but not happy. -exercise should make you feel at some level, good about yourself. Think “wow, that was hard, but look at me..I did it YAY 🙂
  • 3-You are not seeing results. It takes time people, so make sure you give the workout you like at least a month to six weeks to kick in!hot trainer abs
  • 4-You don’t feel welcome, -trust your intuition.
  • 5-Your Instructors have little to no training. -While having a microphone and a six-pack does provide ample eye candy it does not a great Instructor make!
  • 6-Your joints hurt when you leave. back pain
    Muscle hurt is a little good, joints…not so much. -When you wake up the next day or two you should feel your abs and glute muscles, but still be able to function!
  • 7-The Instructors are abusive instead of supportive. Say no to negative talk from the trainer!

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