Classes & Prices

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Studio Classes

Demi-Bar Pilates: Based on the fundamentals of Pilates, but with added intensity and focus on lower body, Demi-Bar Pilates will shake up your routine and reshape your body!
Yoga: Personal meditation, focus, and relaxation.
TRX/HIIT: High-intensity work, followed by short breaks, target muscles to build strength, tone, and shape.

– One Month to try every class!
– This is NOT an auto renew membership, no strings attached!
Membership Unlimited DBP, Yoga, DaVinci, Yamuna, Circuit 5.0, TABATA and 10% Off Group Reformer Classes and Apparel Purchases – $189 (Auto Renew membership)

Group Reformer Classes

Reforner: With an emphasis on rhythmic, flowing sets of movements reformer pilates is designed to increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance, coordination and tone.

Personal Training | Private Reformer Training

Personal Training: Offers clients a personally built workout, designed specifically to focus on needs and goals of each client.

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