Have you ever thought about your relationship with the food you eat?

What does your food do for you?

You do a lot for your food.

  • You spend money on it, money that you work hard for..
  • At times you obsess about it
  • You travel distances to get it
  • You do wonderful things to it

So… whats your return?

Try to think of it like a real personal relationship. Just for fun.. I’ve outlined below the most toxic relationships you can have. We do it for people… why not food.

Sugar:  Sugar is that sexy guy in the bar. Wow he looks hot, has all the right answers and my god you swear he is radiating energy and life- he’s effervescent . He brings you in and you were right WOW he is the bomb. You hang in that high for awhile and ride that energy wave then “POOF” he’s gone. Left you low and depleted and shaking for more. And don’t even get me started on Mr. Faux Sugar.. you will find him next to sugar all the time, acting like the safe alternative- but watch out. Hang out with that shady Mr. Faux Sugar too long and you better head to the doctor as disease will most likely follow

How Sugar Addiction Effects Your Body:

Eating sugar creates a surge of feel-good brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Certain drugs do this too (cocaine). Your insulin immediately spikes to control the excess in blood sugar. Once insulin has done its job-you get to experience that sugar low and if you are to survive the day, you start the cycle again.  If you have been doing the sugar cycle for awhile, you will have shaky hands, feel faint and be working your way quickly into Type II Diabetes. Additionally, the processed sugar is added for sweetness only (unlike the sugar in fruit) and has ZERO nutritional value! Think fake sugar is any better? Think again, studies have shown repeatedly that fake sugar causes the same addictions and cravings for real sugar, plus most sugar substitutes contain known carcinogens.

Processed Food: Everyone knows that Frenemy Processed Food, so easy to be with.. an answer for everything.. Want more acai that’s cool, your frenemy even wraps it in some Mr. Sugar to make it palatable, he’s easy and slick like that, you know..  also this frenemy is everywhere (how does he do that?), just when you need him, offering up the easy path, oh so available.  You know you should find new friends but, this frenemy has become your habit and its hard to break. The problem with your frenemy Processed Food is well, he’s skin deep- always pretending to be someone else, you think he has your back..but does he? Look inside Frenemy Processed Food and the ugly truth is revealed.

How Processed Food Habits Reek Havoc on Your Body:

Processed foods are foods that have been compromised by the addition of hormones, additives, preservatives, unnatural genetic material or other chemical or heat treatments that alter or destroy the natural healthy enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

The main goal of food processing is to lengthen the shelf life of foods so that larger amounts can be sold over time but there are sacrifices in quality and your body will suffer the consequences. When eating processed foods you are most likely getting very little of the nutrients in the original food items that  the processed foods are mimicking. Want more bad news, processed foods are designed for “crave-ability”  they want you to eat more.. and studies show you do!

Superfoods: Not everyone knows Mr. Superfoods, he’s kind of elusive -you can’t find him just anywhere.. you really have to search -its an obsession. But both you and he know how super he is so you even check him out online, he’s in demand you know- I think I saw him on Dr. Oz… He makes sure you know that there is no substitute and you need nothing else but him! The problem with Mr. Superfood is well, he’s all hype, after awhile he is just too hard to deal with, he’s great yeah, but he just doesn’t hang well with anyone. He’s expensive, and he gets more expensive, especially in January when he is the most elusive and only the very lucky (or those who work at Wholefoods) can get to him. The other thing about Mr. Superfood is he often ends up hanging out with Mr. Processed and well it gets really ugly from there.

Why Super Food Obsession is a Waste of Your Time:

We  Americans are obsessed with so-called superfoods, drawn to the promise of berries, roots, or seeds that can singlehandedly prevent disease, help us lose weight, improve muscle and skin tone, enhance our sex life, and even help us live longer. Really? Sounds a little far fetched doesn’t it? The truth is, yes some of these foods are great for us but they come at a price, and most times it’s just not worth it. Practically everything in the produce department is a superfood that has fallen out of the limelight.. Kale anyone? (oh yeah, now its chard..)  And there is that one aisle at the supermarket – the Health Food aisle -this is where often times super meets processed and like I said, its ugly – just read the label!

Sooo… whats a girl to do in such a toxic environment?  Sorry – as any therapist would advise – You Need to BREAK UP!

~Let me introduce you to Mr. Healthy Whole Food: I know,  he doesn’t sound very exciting, but wow he is life changing. He’s finally the real thing- he’s good for you, you feel satisfied and suddenly you feel better inside and out..your skin, your hair, your weight, your energy—your life dammit. 

Do it Marry this one! 

Want some help match-making your next relationship with food? Contact me, I’m kind of a food yenta 🙂

Jenifer Zeno

Co-Owner Energie Pilates and Fitness Spa
Creator of Lean Lifestyles Weight Loss Program
Precision Nutrition Certified L2 Weight Loss Coach
Pilates trained through Balanced Body University at Body Evolve in Highland Park, Illinois
WITS (World Instructor Training Schools) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Jenifer and her partner Sheila Grace, are owners of the fitness studio, Energie, Inc., located in Energie Pilates Fitness Spa, 18 W. First St., Hinsdale, IL. In addition to their signature Demi-Bar Pilates class, Energie also offers Group Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Circuit 5.0, DaVinci Board, TABATA, Yamuna and TRX classes. Private and semi-private personal and reformer training is also available.

Contact Jenifer directly at 630.432.9793 or jenifer@demi-barpilates.com.
Owner, Energie Pilates Fitness Spa

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