Debra Kerwin, LMT NCTMB

Debra has a BA from University of Illinois Chicago and is certified in Massage therapy from Olympia College in Burr Ridge. She has trained in Eastern and Western Modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone and Trigger Point Therapy and continuing education classes in lymphatics, infant and postpartum massage, raindrop therapy, cold stone therapy for migraines, structural integration, Reiki, acupressure, self care for carpal tunnel syndrome, and common injuries of the shoulder and of the knee.

Molly Fournier

Molly has a BA from University of Iowa and was trained in Massage and Bodywork at Wellness and Massage Training Institute. She has a variety of modalities, including Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal, and Connective Tissue Therapy. She also became a certified practitioner with RockTape in 2014. As a Movement Specialist, Molly works with you to get the most from your movements. She excels at sports and injury rehab, and sports-specific work with golfers, runners, and baseball/softball players.


Energie Signature Massage

A unique and personalized massage in which your therapist uses a variety of strokes and techniques that is custom to your needs. Light to medium pressure is applied. It calms your nervous system and restores a sense of wholeness. You have your choice of essential oils to awaken the senses leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 Minutes. $85.00
90 Minutes. $125.00

Energie Migraine Cold Stone Therapy

With the use of cold stones strategically placed to decrease the pressure of dilated blood vessels, and use of aroma therapy specifically made for the most common types of headaches. While including stretches, pressure points and relaxation techniques, your therapist will calm those suffering from migraines, allergies and sinus pain. Proven to be effective at stopping acute headache pain.

30 Minutes. $50.00

Energie Hot Stone Massage

Utilizes heated stones and combines with massage on key points of your body that will relax warm, increase circulation and relieve pain in tense muscles.

60 Minutes. $95.00
90 Minutes. $145.00

Energie Deep Tissue Massage

Using massage techniques that target chronic patterns of tension in muscles, stretching, trigger point therapy, fiber friction and muscle stripping your therapist will help restore the body’s optimum alignment and suppleness.

30 Minutes. $45.00
60 Minutes. $90.00
90 Minutes. $135.00

Energie Swedish Massage

A classic European massage which uses traditional light and slow movements to provide relaxation and circulation.

30 Minutes. $40.00
60 Minutes. $75.00
90 Minutes. $115.00

Quick Energie Chair Massage

This massage is brief, effective and done fully clothed. Reduce tension, stress and ease your pain before or after a work-out.

15 Minutes. $20.00

Energie Prenatal Massage

Designed to relieve the stress of child-bearing and take pressure off your lower back, neck and shoulders. This gentle treatment provides relaxation, stimulates circulation and eases water retention. Treatment can be provided after your first trimester.

60 Minutes. $85.00

Energie Golfer’s Massage

After a round of golf, nothing feels better than a full body massage using medium-firm pressure to relax the back, shoulders and feet. Hot towels are wrapped on your feet to relieve the tired and achiness. You will feel like your caddie carried you the back nine.

60 Minutes. $85.00