doterra blog 2Hi everyone,
My name is Jenine and I hope to serve as a resource for those of you looking to support your health with the natural healing benefits of pure essential oils.

I started my holistic journey nearly 3 years ago, which was quite contrary to my very southside, meat and potatoes upbringing.  I purchased a kit and didn’t do much with it for a couple months because I didn’t know what to do or how to use essential oils.  I typically did what many of us do… I lit my candles, cleaned with store bought cleaners, grabbed an aspirin or NyQuil if I came down with something and eventually got a prescription when I was run down and fighting the common bug.
It took a little bit of learning, trial and error in using the oils and I had plenty of doubt.

Sure they smell nice.. but are they effective?  
I started up the diffuser and learned how to diffuse oils for relaxation and stress relief.  I also began carrying my favorite oils in my purse instead of perfume and not only did they smell beautiful without any synthetic or ‘chemical’ smell, I began to notice how they provide a calming relief during times of stress or energy when I felt depleted. Slowly I began using the oils for bug repellent, air freshener and sharing with friends and family who were struggling with sleep issues, emotional stress, digestive complaints, chronic pain, etc……..and people were experiencing relief!  I found myself reading research studies on Doterra essential oils and was pretty fascinated by the facts. With a background in healthcare, research  and quantitative studies- these studies carry significant weight.
Research showing how oregano and melaleuca inhibit MRSA, studies indicating how orange and lavender reduce anxiety and stress, lavender reduces fluid in the lungs and inflammation in bronchial asthma sufferers, melissa has shown to inhibit herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2,  and on and on..  I also noticed and increasing number of healthcare providers incorporating Doterra oils into their practice and providing education for their patients on how to use these volatile, aromatic compounds. Many embracing the idea that wellness should take a prevent and promote model as opposed to a repair and restore model.
This means that a body in balance is able to heal itself with natural plant extracts that the body doesn’t recognize as a foreign matter but rather a natural element similar to our own cells. A natural compound assimilates and is metabolized by our cells as opposed to a synthetic substance or medication that needs to be metabolized by the liver and serves as a ‘bandaid’ solution to our ailment or health issue. When I understood this concept, it clarified so much. That’s the fun part of learning about essential oils and their respective properties. So if i experienced a compromise of my immune system, I would ingest the powerful antibacterial and antiviral oils. Thus was a game changer for me. For  the first time in years I was able to ward off a bug that would’ve had me down for days or weeks normally.
So learning to use these potent oils involves a little learning but offers tremendous rewards.
It’s a shift in what we may be accustomed too. So many moms administer Tylenol or NSAIDS for fever or body aches. What if you had a few oils on hand that offered relief… some peppermint applied topically to naturally and safely cool the body and reduce fever without the dangerous side effects of the meds? Or some Ordgano diluted and applied to the feet to offer antibacterial effects, or melissa, a powerful antiviral oil? Antibiotics are unable to penetrate the cells of our body whereas essential oils have the capacity to do just that… that may be the reason that people report feeling better sooner as they take immediate effect.
The key with essential oils is to use less… only a few drops at a time but more frequently than you would ingest or apply a medication.

One other area of study is the effect of essential oils on our emotional health. Well over 100 emergency departments are diffusing essential oils to reduce the stress level of the staff in these very stressful environments. The results are astounding. Documented results have shown significant decrease in stress of the staff.
With this, behavioral health centers and many practitioners are incorporating doterra oils aromatically, topically and internally to reduce anxiety and calm patients.

Doterra scientists are continually studying the efficacy and safety of essential oils and their active components in topical applications, aromatic use and in personal care products. Recent findings show their ability to promote protective cellular responses, support proper inflammatory responses and induce healthy structural remodeling. Essential oils support sleep and relaxation, mood management, respiratory health, joints and muscles, focus and mental clarity, effective digestion, immune function and addressing seasonal threats.

I hope to serve as a resource in your journey toward natural health.
Happy , healthy holidays!!!


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