I found out not long ago that I am the butt of a joke between my 17 year old daughter and her friends. It’s okay, I’m her mom and I expect to be made fun of..occasionally ;).

As their little joke goes… anytime someone complains about anything and I mean anything..the answer is “You know what will help that? Pilates!” You name it homework troubles, a dented fender, lacking a date to Homecoming..”Pilates” ~Kind of like that movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with the windex! Apparently, quite often when asked for advice, I answer -Pilates could help that. Well the truth is, in most cases it is true!

My back hurts..Pilates can help that, I want to run faster, jump higher, last longer in my chosen sport, not get injured, the list goes on.

Now that Pilates is more of a mainstay in the fitness world, its a little less sexy as there is always a “hot-new” workout available. Don’t get me wrong, I love the “hot-new” workouts, they are what keep people interested in fitness! What I get concerned with is the all or nothing workouts. Pilates to me is like dental work, try ignoring those teeth for awhile and see what happens…

So yes I know, Pilates is the answer again. Keep doing your Pilates people, it will make you:
-Run faster and last longer on the treadmill at Shred 415
-Increase the velocity of your tennis serve
-Help you hold those Yoga poses with out hanging on your ligaments
-Keep you limber for paddle tennis
-Loosen your back for your golf swing
-Help you jump higher in dance class
-Save your back when lifting heavy weights at CrossFit
-Oh and you will also look better in your Lululemon ;).

See you in Class!

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