It’s almost January 1st and maybe you are pondering some big changes…some life changing resolutions.  Of course the number one resolution is always, lose weight and get in shape.  Starting a diet, geesh, what a pain and the problem with a diet is the moment you start it, you can’t wait to end it.  And there in lies the problem with dieting..the diet ends and the weight comes right back.  If you really worked hard for those weeks and really starved yourself to drop those pounds, you most likely killed your metabolism too.  Your post diet picture will be worse, your body has entered starvation mode and will fight to hold on to any fat it can for a good long while.  So plan to gain a few extra pounds too.

There is another way though…  Maybe this year you learn how to eat to lose weight, slowly, like your body needs.  You could correct your metabolism and watch the scale start to drop.  You could make healthier choices everyday, which will lead to a healthier more energetic and lighter you!

So before you put your resolutions in stone, check out our Lean Lifestyle program You will lose 1/2 to 1 pound per week, you will learn how to eat to keep losing, you will lose real weight and you will empower you metabolism to be your best friend, not your worst enemy!

Let us help you make 2015 the year for you!!


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