As a Nutritional Coach and Trainer, as well as an owner of our studio, I often get to meet clients when they are first changing their routines. They come to our studio looking the best way to impact their fitness and diet. I love my job, I love that I meet so many different people, I feel lucky!

Clients come with many preconceived notions, some amazingly correct and some…well not so much. There are so many mixed messages out there, just google weight loss or fitness and start reading, its overwhelming!

The conundrum for many is where to start, what is right for do I not waste time?

The answer is multifaceted and not so simple.You see, there is no one answer for all, no canned workout and diet that works for everyone. What you need is to customize your exercise and your diet for you, for your body type, for your enjoyment, for your likes and dislikes, for your goals. For instance, do you want to tone, or get buff? Do you want to lose weight or just clean up your eating to feel better? The answers may be vastly different for different clients with even the same goals.

And do not forget you need to find a plan that you can adhere to, this is big people! Let me restate YOU NEED TO FIND A PLAN THAT YOU CAN ADHERE TO! Sorry to yell, but trying to get through. I see too many clients (at this time of year in particular) doing crazy things to try to meet a goal quickly.

Want to make changes in your lifestyle? Maybe the Dr. ordered it, or maybe you just don’t feel right in your skin at this moment. Life happens and fitness and nutrition often take a backseat to burning issues at home. Reflect on you, decide to make sustainable changes. Remember you only have one body, one place to store your mind and your soul at the moment and its your body. Treat your body well, feed it well, exercise it thoughtfully and enjoy your life, that is what it is all about, right?

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